Nino Di Costanzo

Ever since I was young, I lived in places where passion for cooking was a part of life. My mother and grandmother have always been very careful in respecting and passing on the traditional gastronomic values ​​of Campania, and it was my love for the flavours of my homeland that guided my studies and career.

The pleasure and honour

of working under the aegis of great Chefs and various experiences working around the world have ultimately brought me back to Ischia. It was here that I decided to make my vision come true: portraying my places and my experiences through cooking, explaining through my dishes how the essence of the tradition of Campania can be revived thanks to modern techniques and inventiveness.

That was how Daní Maison came to be

a restaurant which has received various awards: two Michelin Stars, the Espresso magazine's four Hats and the entry into the Les Grandes Tables du Monde association.

An old house on Ischia, nestled in a garden of mediterranean scrub full of objet trouvé waiting to be discovered, where care and attention is put into every detail to create a technically sophisticated journey of flavours capable of stirring emotions and memories.

The chef designed the restaurant according to the principle that the environment should serve to convey the experience. For this reason is rich of art and references of the Campania's culture and tradition.

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