A home, a place for meetings and conviviality,
a symbol of hospitality.

The drawing of a Man-Home, the symbol among the symbols that have always “inhabited” my imagination.

Horns, Horses, Volcanos, Sirens, Cocks and Eggs, omens of luck
and vital energy.

Small sculptures to inhabit small spaces, big sculptures to populate the green garden: art trees with hanging eggs, totem of Masks
and Volcanoes.

Pulcinella and San Gennaro
are friendly presences that,
just like modern tutelary deities,
welcome and look at the visitors
from all over the world.

Symbols of a costantly renovating tradition, to “inhabit”
and tell new experiences.

An ancient house in Ischia, the space to convey the Experience.

A space full of art and references to the culture
and the Neapolitan tradition.

"A place where things melt and blend together to build, through art and Nino Di Costanzo’s haute cuisine,
a journey into beauty and taste, that arouses pleasant feelings, emotions and memories." — Lello Esposito